Guidelines for Dan Gradings



  • Candidates must have trained a minimum of twelve months since being awarded their first kyu
  • Candidates must have completed their portfolio and must be accredited Assistant Instructors
  • As well as performing your grading according to the syllabus, you will be required to have quite an extensive knowledge of both English and Japanese terminology, to enable you to name various blocks, punches, kicks and strikes
  • If requested you will be expected to explain any move, or combination of moves from your Tokui Kata in both English and Japanese, plus demonstrate their application
  • Candidates will be asked to give a comprehensive talk on the history of Karate up until the present day, plus answer various questions concerning Karate philosophy, ethics and related topics


  • Besides meeting all the above criteria, a more comprehensive understanding in all areas, will be required


  • Candidates will be asked to perform virtually every Shotokan technique, once slowly then once fast; each technique must be applied in every conceivable way
  • An exhaustive explanation of the application and demonstration of your Tokui Kata will be required: this must be done both in Japanese and English
  • Your free-style against five consecutive opponents must show fighting spirit as well as good technique and balanced mental attitude
  • Women candidates are offered the option of demonstrating a comprehensive range of self-defence techniques instead of free-style


  • All candidates for any Dan grading other than Shodan must be accredited EKGB Instructors and their status must be current
  • A minimum of three years between Shodan and Nidan
  • A minimum of five years between Nidan and Sandan
  • There will be no automatic promotion to Yondan. This grade will only be awarded on merit to the most dedicated of Karate-ka for services rendered to Karate-do. The candidate must however be training diligently and consistently, and have trained a minimum of five years since their Sandan Grading
  • Dan grades should train a minimum of two lessons a week i.e. one kata lesson and one Kihon and Kumite lesson
  • Candidates are expected to attend all Open days and Brown and Black Belt courses
  • Teaching should not be considered as a substitute for training