Hanshi Mick Randall MBE

Hanshi Mick Randall MBE was born in 1944 and began Shotokan karate under British Karate Federation instrucutors Jimmy Neal and Terry Wingrove in 1964. Hanshi Mick Randall MBE is one of the few men in Britain still training to have been taught by Masters Tetsuji Murakami and Hiroo Mochizuki. An original disciple of Grandmaster Hirokazu Kanazawa, 10th Dan, he became one of the firstin Britain to obtain a black belt under the Japan Karate Association in January 1967.

A staunch traditionalist and much respected for his kata, he represented Great Britain in kumite against the Japanese. Living and training in North London he is currently Principal Instructor to the Shotokan Traditional Karate Organisation and is ranked 9th Dan – the highest non Japanese grade in Western Europe.